About Xiamen

Xiamen (http://xm.visitxm.com/) is "a city at sea, a city with sea". It has sea, islands, hills and city, and everything else that is considered beautiful. The unique combination of Chinese and western elements and the multi- culture have made Xiamen an inclusive city. Xiamen is always here waiting for you to explore.

Gulangyu covers an area of 1.87 square kilometers, and has famous tourist attractions like Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang Garden and Harmonium Museum. Here you may stroll to a quiet lane, or take a sunbath on the beach; there are Chinese and western architectures of various features, and natural scenery that will make poets and literary men want to compose poems and prose. What's more, there are authentic traditional snacks of Xiamen style for you to taste and artistic novelty boutiques for you to visit.

Jimei is a suburb of Xiamen City connected to Xiamen Island by a 2,212-metre long granite causeway. Jimei is also the residence of Mr. Tan Kah-kee, a famous overseas Chinese philanthropist. Encircled by the sea on three sides, the town is known for its magnificent buildings combining western and oriental styles and picture-postcard sceneries. As a tourist site, Jimei has the following attractions to offer: Jimei School Village, Aoyuan (Turtle Garden), Returnees' Hall, Xiamen Bridge and Wanbao Hill Sightseeing Farms.

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